What they said.

For B2B marketing and PR that moves the needle, mortgage innovators trust Depth.

What’s it like to work with Depth? Just ask our clients. 

Tom Galluci,
SVP of Business Development

The Mortgage Collaborative

The Mortgage Collaborative has been partnering with Depth since 2015, when our cooperative was still in its infancy. We’ve relished growing together!

Depth, like TMC, believes in fostering a familial culture, and it is evidenced in the caliber and friendly disposition of their people. The team has the proper depth (pun intended), experience and creativity to help your company expand your brand presence and enhance its messaging in a way that’s informative, attention-grabbing, and — most importantly — true to your brand.

Depth is an extension of our business. Kerri, Leslie, Johnna and Grace work shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we strategize how to bring FormFree’s innovative products to the industry.

One thing that differentiates Depth is their level of industry expertise. They are more than equal to the challenge of navigating an industry that changes quickly in response to larger economic and regulatory trends. They also take great care to get to know our products at a granular level, which adds phenomenal value and allows Depth to develop messaging that resonates.

Depth’s super power is its ability to view the industry holistically, identify where our products serve a need and provide strategic counsel on how best to drive success.

Christy Moss,
Chief Customer Officer


Rob Chrane,
Founder & CEO

Down Payment Resource

I can’t say enough good things about Kerri and her team. They understood our business in a deeper, more nuanced way than anyone I talked to. That allowed them to hit the ground running, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

P.S. I had such a great experience interacting with Depth’s clients while checking references that I knew they had to be good.

When you look to enhance your company presence, it’s imperative to partner with a marketing and public relations firm that understands your vision, growth goals, and strategic priorities. My first conversation with Kerri opened my eyes to what we could accomplish together. Depth’s industry knowledge, strategic advice and persistent success in growing our brand visibility have exceeded our expectations at every turn. I highly recommend Depth for any company that seeks to grow or maintain its reputation in the mortgage industry.

Eric Lapin,
Chief Strategy Officer