Meet the team.

Kerri Milam

Founder & President
  • Years in Industry: 32
  • Education: 20 years as business owner, 40 years in workforce, 60+ years on planet
  • Interests: kayaking, Savannah Bananas baseball, mycology and herbal remedies
  • Most likely to speak hard truths that everyone’s thinking (but no one is saying)

Kerri founded Depth in 2006, bringing together a career-long passion for housing finance with a desire to nurture the innovators at the bleeding edge of the mortgage industry’s digital transformation. In building her own firm, Kerri leaned on the consultative public relations and marketing expertise she had honed during her years at top global agencies — but she also rejected the notion that Depth had to do things “the way they’ve always been done.”

Prior to founding Depth, Kerri led a varied career spanning executive and senior management positions at four leading PR firms; marketing roles at global business consulting firm KPMG and a pioneering tech corporation; and a three-year term as public affairs manager for the Georgia Housing and Finance Authority. She even once served as editor of a B2B trade magazine in the finance and investments space.

Depth’s clients can count on Kerri to pull no punches as she delivers shrewd, timely advice that elevates business strategies and positions clients as meaningful contributors of mortgage industry thought leadership.

She is a recipient of HousingWire’s Marketing Leaders award as well as NEXT’s Powerhouse Award recognizing the most influential women leaders in the mortgage industry. As an annual sponsor of the #HousingDC conference, Kerri has the honor of presenting the annual Housing Champion Award on behalf of Housing Finance Strategies.

A Georgia native, Kerri divides her time between her home in Decatur and her condo on the coastal marsh outside of Savannah.

Lindsey Neal

Executive Vice President

  • Years in Industry: 18
  • Education: Berry College, University of Georgia
  • Interests: reading, CrossFit, sports
  • Most likely to be the voice of calm and reason when it starts to hit the fan
A trusted advisor to mortgage lenders, fintechs and mortgage/financial service providers since 2006, Lindsey joined the DepthSquad in 2010 after honing her content development, client service and strategic planning skills at the William Mills Agency. Over the last decade, she has been responsible for developing full-service marketing and PR strategies, ensuring their effective execution and cultivating productive relationships for Depth clients. She is a 2006 graduate of Berry College in Rome, Georgia, and earned her M.B.A. from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia in 2011.

Leslie Colley

Executive Vice President

  • Years in Industry: 15
  • Education: Georgia State University, University of Southern California
  • Interests: traveling, the wilderness, backyard chickens
  • Most likely to break out the red pen over a minor AP Style violation
An award-winning writer and creative designer, Leslie has served Depth clients since 2009 and transitioned to a full-time staff position in 2015. Her tenure has been marked by numerous high-profile client achievements including successful product launches, funding rounds and acquisitions. Prior to joining Depth, Leslie worked for renowned global consulting firm Willis Towers Watson, where she developed strategic communication campaigns for some of the world’s best-known brands. Leslie holds a master’s degree in communication management from the University of Southern California and a bachelor’s degree in English from Georgia State University.

Johnna Szegda

Vice President of Client Services

  • Years in Industry: 7
  • Education: Georgia State University
  • Interests: container gardening, systems of power, the absurd
  • Most likely to keep it real

A shrewd fintech public relations professional, Johnna has worked with the #DepthSquad since 2017. During her tenure, she has helped high-growth startups and publicly traded companies execute impactful media and marketing strategies. Johnna is a passionate housing affordability advocate. Previously, she wore many hats at a women-led nonprofit, leading a team of volunteers and staff to register more than 1,000 Georgia voters and managing member communications. While earning her bachelor’s degree, she took a shine to symbolic logic and served as a supplemental instructor for Introductory to Philosophy. Johnna grew up on horse farms riding hunter jumpers and dressage. AMA.

Laura Lang

Senior Content Writer

  • Years in Industry: 15
  • Education: CSU Long Beach
  • Interests: running, kayaking, Zumba, Shutzhund, wine tasting, beachgoing
  • Most likely to double check name/company/product spellings and ask if we can shorten titles

Laura brings fintech insight and journalistic training to her role as a senior content writer at Depth. She has worked as a writer/editor for more than 35 years, including stints at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. At the latter, she launched Fannie Mae’s first forays into content marketing: The Home Story, a consumer blog, and Housing Industry Forum, a B2B blog. She was formerly a partner in KeatingLang, a boutique marketing firm, where she produced a range of marketing and branding projects to help startups grow.

Jenny McAllister

Client Services Manager

  • Years in Industry: 3.5
  • Education: University of Florida
  • Interests: horses, boating, outdoors, travel
  • Most likely to find the fun in anything

Jenny Lynn graduated from the University of Florida in May 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and business. A proactive hard worker, she started her career in 2020 while completing her degree. Her career began in marketing within the healthcare industry and then transitioned to freelance writing for fintech and B2B businesses. Jenny Lynn joined DepthPR in 2021, honing her skills in thought leadership, content development and strategy.

Adria Riley

Client Services Manager

  • Years in Industry: 5
  • Education: Utah State College, Snow College
  • Interests: reading, tarot, Dungeons & Dragons, hoodies
  • Most likely to be secretly doodling during a meeting

An experienced digital marketing professional, Adria entered the mortgage industry after graduating with a degree in technical writing and communications from Utah State University in 2017. With a wealth of marketing skills including graphic design, content writing, social media management and strategic planning, Adria pursues excellence on every task she undertakes. Previously, Adria worked as a marketing and design specialist for IDS Inc., where she proved her commitment to marketing excellence and assisted with extensive change management during its 2022 acquisition by Wolters Kluwer.

Christina Dowers

Client Services Manager

  • Years in Industry: 1
  • Education: University of North Texas
  • Interests: yoga, hiking, dog sitting for, dancing
  • Most likely to identify a missing piece for a project or task

A seasoned digital marketing and content strategist with 17 years of marketing and public relations experience, Christina began her career in the SEO and web content management industry after completing her undergraduate degree in public relations at the University of North Texas. After gaining a few years of professional experience, she pursued a master’s degree in journalism from UNT. With expertise in content creation, social media management, project coordination, messaging development, email marketing and PR, Christina gained a wealth of experience in various roles, including in the mortgage industry.

Roxanne Greeson

Problem Solver Extraordinaire

  • Years in Industry: 15
  • Education: Georgia Tech, Georgia State
  • Interests: learning, reading, and exploring the unknown
  • Most likely to make a checklist

Roxanne, a maven of many specialties, has served Depth clients from the background off and on since 2014 and in 2023 transitioned to a more client-facing role. Her skill sets include transforming data into information, creating custom graphics and videos, listening and asking questions, refining storytellers and exceeding expectations. Prior to working with Depth, Roxanne worked in nonprofits, higher education, and continues to run her own consulting business. Roxanne holds a master’s degree in instructional design from Georgia State and a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Georgia Tech.