We get sh*t done.

What makes our approach special?
Depth makes all the difference.

Find and exploit
your niche.

We get to the heart of what makes you special. Then we carry that message to your audiences with clarity, creativity and precision.

Tell compelling customer stories.

Because we know the industry so well, we are experts at interviewing your customers. We’ll write stories that do the selling for you — while picking up priceless customer insights along the way.

Make your
next move.

Need to meet a new growth goal? Make your next product launch a success? Attract investor attention for a capital raise? Whatever your strategic objective, we’ll help you get there.

Yep! We do that, too.

No long-term contracts.

We don’t believe in holding clients hostage. Give us 6 months to get to know your products and team inside and out. We’ll build a plan, put it into motion, and start delivering results. After that, if you aren’t over the moon, we aren’t doing our job right.

Clients stick with Depth because they love working with us, no contract required.
(That said, if your procurement process requires a formal contract, we can do that for you.)

Be seen where it counts.

We work to ensure your messages reach and resonate with the right audiences. From national business news to the trade publications trusted most by industry leaders, our targeted pitching yields high-visibility placements that deliver significant ROI.