Celink taps Gravicore to transform operational agility while reducing fulfillment times and tech infrastructure costs

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo., Oct. 11, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Gravicore, a technology company specializing in the deployment of cutting-edge cloud computing and data management solutions for financial services firms, today released a case study detailing its successful build-out and delivery of a cloud-based technology infrastructure for reverse mortgage subservicer Celink. An Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Partner, Gravicore’s work on behalf of Celink delivered measurable cost savings and improvements to staff productivity, operational resilience, organizational controls and business agility.

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Integrating dozens of AWS and third-party services, Gravicore rearchitected Celink’s technology platform to accelerate and enhance the subservicer’s decision-making capabilities and modernized various technology-enabled workloads across Celink’s many business functions, from enabling Line of Credit (LOC) withdrawals to be made through its self-service Borrower Portal to engineering a streamlined Investor Reporting system. Gravicore’s contributions have enabled Celink to save hundreds of man-hours each month, increase software deployment frequency tenfold and eliminate expenses related to server over-provisioning and late LOC disbursement penalties. Notably, by automating workflows through a LOC Processing Module, Gravicore helped Celink realize a 40% reduction in LOC processing times.

“We chose Gravicore because of the team’s strong knowledge of AWS, its opinionated framework for building cloud presence and the impressive set of tools it has developed,” said Celink Chief Information Officer Sergey Dyakin. “Gravicore’s fluency in both technology and financial services was a key accelerator of our technology transformation and an unquestionable contributor to its success.”

“Financial services firms can achieve a wide array of operational benefits by modernizing data management and data-driven processes with a cloud-first strategy,” said Gravicore Co-Founder and CEO Curtis Over. “At Gravicore, we take pride in empowering companies like Celink to become leaner and more agile through cutting-edge technology solutions and deep domain expertise.”

Download the full case study for more information about Gravicore’s partnership with Celink: https://gravicore.io/celink-case-study-landing-page/

About Gravicore:

Gravicore helps customers accelerate innovation by leveraging the cloud and modern data management services. The leadership team at Gravicore brings years of experience in technology-driven process transformations, including over a decade deploying cloud computing platforms and cutting-edge data management, analytics and reporting solutions. With deep domain expertise in mortgage, capital markets and fintech leadership, financial institutions and service providers rely on Gravicore to design and implement effective solutions while eliminating execution risk. Learn more at https://gravicore.io/

About Celink:

Celink is the United States’ leading subservicer of reverse mortgages. With a portfolio of over two hundred thousand loans, Celink is the subservicer of choice for the nation’s largest reverse mortgage lenders. Celink’s fully scalable servicing platform, ReverseServ Elite, supports proprietary reverse mortgage products and the government-insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM). Reverse mortgages are home-equity products that help older homeowners stay in their homes and enjoy fulfilling retirements. Celink maintains an SQ2 rating as a primary servicer of reverse mortgage loans from Moody’s. https://www.celink.com/

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